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The foundation of a new generation - Ground screws GS PILLAR


each ground screw tested and certified before packing

E-profile ground screws can be optionally equipped with an excentre set depending on the application. The excentre set allows you to make precise adjustments and ensures a perfect, vertical positioning of the object that you want to install. The system is particularly suitable for the resonance and vibration dampening installation of poles and masts for example.

F Profile ground screws are equipped with round or square flanges. The fixation of the bearing object made possible by this ensures the highest possible stability and safety, even with large or extreme structural loads.

G Profile ground screws are equipped with either one, three or four threaded screws. They are ideally suited for the quick, vertical and permanent installation of masts and fence posts, for example. Optionally, the fence posts, for example, can also be quickly and permanently fixed into place with the special granulate.


K Profile ground screws are made from extremely durable special plastic and are guaranteed to last. Thanks to the conical form and through the use of the special granulate as a filling material, the foundation can achieve considerable stability. This series is particularly suitable for installing fence and sign posts.

U-profile ground screws have been specially designed for regularly-dimensioned timber beams. U-profile ground screw is the best choice for the fast and simple mounting of vertical and horizontal timber beams.

X Profil ground screws were developed for special applications. This product can be used to produce made-to-measure foundations. The screws are tailor-made individually according to construction requirements.

Ground anchors are used to stretch and secure different structures in the ground. They are used to secure chains, ropes, wires, ribbing ties and various temporary structures.

⌀ 114 mm profile screw piles are suitable as a base for large and heavy constructions such as wooden summer houses, saunas, gazebos, terraces and bridges.

V114 Profile

Various installation tools will help to quickly, reliably, simply as well as efficiently complete the installation of the foundation on screw piles and get a reliable and stable foundation.

Durable hot dip galvanized (HDG) long link chains are used within a variety of industries, excellent for playground equipment, farming use, and mooring steel chains.


Groundscrews.shop has a huge range of different types of ground screws that suit any construction you could ever imagine. Our team will consult you regarding any type or any purpose of use and will definitely advise you the best solution for your needs.

Screw piles have a very wide range of applications. They can be used in all types of soils - sandy, peaty, clayey soils and high water levels. Thanks to the high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel, the foundations of the S235 screw pile are stable and secure. Hot-dip galvanizing process ensures ground screw long term service life. Screw piles can be installed anywhere without damaging tree roots, soil, or lawns or greenery that have already been harvested. Screw piles not only replace traditional concrete foundations but are also useful for large and long structures such as walkways and terraces. Each screw pile is pre-marketed for quality and safety.


of our products

Own production


30-50 years lifetime

Quick, easy and time-saving installation

Safe and stable foundation

High quality technology

No digging or concrete

Removable at anytime or place

NO rust
NO peeling

Tested and certified before packing

High grade quality S235 steel
Hot dip galvanized


we produce range of accessories to offer you more flexibility

M adapter — created to adopt G profile to M profile needs. Product developed for changing construction from G profile to M profile, without dismantling groundscrew.

M adapter

Transforms G profile to M profile
U adapter — created to adopt G profile to U profile needs. Product developed for changing construction from M profile to U profile, without dismantling groundscrew.

U adapter

Transforms M profile to U profile, bracket 81mm
Transforms M profile to adjustable U profile

L adapter

Transforms M profile to adjustable U profile
Transforms G profile to L profile (one bracket)

G to L adapter

Transforms G profile to L profile (one bracket)

Equipment for installation

install your ground screws fast and easy!

Installing 3 metters high screws it is easier to use tripod, that possible to rent. For smaller screws use regular drill.

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