KRINNER ⌀ 135 - 480 mm

€ 30.25

article: KSF X 135x480 LPS

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The X-series ground screws were developed for special applications. This product can be used to produce made-to-measure foundations. The screws are tailor-made individually according to construction requirements.

Screw piles not only replace traditional concrete foundations but are also useful for large and long structures such as sidewalks and terraces.

Installation of screw piles is very simple. They can be screwed in with a metal rod, using it as a lever or using the special tools that we offer, for example, ground screw reductor, different types of drivers, etc. An additional benefit is that screw piles are much cheaper than traditional foundations and can be disassembled and reused in a short time.

Due to the high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel S235 screw piles are stable and reliable. There is no longer any need to damage the lawn by digging holes, concreting foundations and causing heavy machinery.

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